Cinematography Reel
Extreme Ice Survey - Antarctica

Client: Earth Vision Institute

Role: Cinematographer

Objective: To create a documentary video of the Extreme Ice Survey team as they installed 18 time-lapse cameras throughout the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia Island.

President Biden's visit to Emory's Campus

Client: Emory University

Role: Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor

Objective: To create a compelling video documenting the President's visit to Emory's Campus.

Ask Greg social media PSA

Client: Emory University

Role: Director, Editor, Cinematographer 

Objective: To create a fun, short, social media video featuring the President of the University to educate Emory students on the new Covid protocols.

2021 Return to Campus Welcome Video

Client: Emory University 

Role: Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a welcome back to campus video for the 2021 school year.

NCAA Athlete Profile 

Client: Emory University

Role: Still Photographer, Editor

Objective: To create a compelling visual story of one athlete's return to sports following a hiatus due to Covid.

Buffalo Field Campaign

Client: Buffalo Field Campaign/Red Shoe Studios

Role: Narrator, Director, Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a documentary-style piece designed to raise awareness of the Buffalo Field Campaign's work in the field as well as raise financial support for the organization.

A Sanctuary for all

Client: UNC Chapel Hill

Role: Editor, Director, Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a one-minute piece on Frank Moore, a WWII Veteran that found peace through fishing and then spent his life working to protect public lands for all.