Cinematography Reel
A Sanctuary for all

Client: UNC Chapel Hill

Role: Editor, Director, Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a one-minute piece on Frank Moore, a WWII Veteran that found peace through fishing and then spent his life working to protect public lands for all. 

Emory 360 - Interactive 360 video (click and drag inside the video)

Client: Emory University

Role: Cinematographer, Producer, Editor

Objective: To create a interactive 360 video that showcases Emory University's campus.

Emory Police Department

Role: Cinematographer

Objective: To create a public-facing video for the Emory Police Department that showed them as a fully functional 

Police Department that shared the same capabilities as a city police force.

Extreme Ice Survey

Client: Earth Vision Institute

Role: Cinematographer

Objective: To create a documentary video of the Extreme Ice Survey team as they installed 18 time-lapse cameras throughout the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia Island.

Emory Emergency Medicine 

Client: Emory University 

Role: Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a promotional video to draw qualified candidates to Emory's School of Medicine Emergency Medicine program.

NCAA Athlete Profile 

Client: Clarkson Creative/National Collegiate Athletic Association

Role: Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a four-part series profiling current student athletes competing at the NCAA Division II Sports Festival. The series was shot and edited on site and premiered at the end of the week-long competition. 

2018 Emory University Commencement 

Client: Emory University

Role: Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: Coverage of the 2018 Emory University Commencement. The video was shot, edited and distributed on social media and other channels within two hours of the last student crossing the stage for their diploma.


Buffalo Field Campaign

Client: Buffalo Field Campaign/Red Shoe Studios

Role: Narrator, Director, Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: To create a documentary-style piece designed to raise awareness of the Buffalo Field Campaign's work in the field as well as raise financial support for the organization.

Gist Buckles

Client: Gist Buckles

Role: Cinematographer, Producer

Objective: Gist hired us to create a promotional video highlighting the company's 50-year history as the premiere belt buckle producer for professional rodeo. The company shared the video on its Facebook page generating 208,000 views, 1.600 shares and over 100 comments, 125,000 of the views occured within the first week alone.