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Extreme Ice Survey - Antarctica

Client: Earth Vision Institute

Role: Cinematographer

Summery: The Extreme Ice Survey team installed 18 time-lapse cameras throughout the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia Island to document the changing nature of the glaciers in Antartica.

A Sanctuary For All

Client: UNC Chapel Hill

Role: Editor, Director, Cinematographer, Producer

Summery: After returning from the horrors of World War II, Frank Moore found peace through fishing the Steelehead Trout of Oregon. He then spent his life working to protect access to public fishing lands for all. 

President Biden at Emory University

Client: Emory University

Role: Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor

Summery: A quick turnaround video of President Biden's visit to Emory's Campus for both social and internal news site.

Greta Wilker's Story

Client: Emory University

Role: Still Photographer, Editor

Summery:  The story of a determined athlete's return to a sport she loved following a long hiatus due to Covid-19.

Juneteenth - Celebrating Freedom

Client: Emory Communications and Marketing Division

Role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, DP

Summery: To raise awareness of Emory's recognition of Juneteenth as an official holiday, the Emory Internal Communications commissioned this video on faculty perspectives on what Juneteenth means to them.

Connecting When It Matters Most

Client: Emory University

Role: Cinematographer, Producer, Director 

Summery: During the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Palliative Care Physician Joanne Kuntz had to quickly innovative to connect families and her patients in their greatest time of need.

Covid-19 Testing PSA

Client: Emory University

Role: VFX, Director, Editor, Cinematographer 

Summery:  A fun, short, social media video featuring a holographic President of the University educating new Emory students on the Covid-19 protocols.

A Triumphant Return

Client: Emory University 

Role: Cinematographer, Producer, Editor

Summery: A welcome back to campus video following the Covid-19 shut down for the 2021 school year.

Arts and Social Justice

Client: Emory University

Role: Editor

Summery: A compelling teaser video for the Arts and Social Justice Fellows Program at Emory University for use on Emory's News Center and social channels.

BCS Championship Stop Motion Video

Client: Turner Broadcasting/NCAA

Role: Photographer

Summery: Turner Broadcasting commissioned an innovative  stop motion video around the fun and excitement BCS Championship game for distribution on social media.

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